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Bud Trimming Machines

Here at Healthy Harvest, we have a wide inventory of leaf trimming machines available. A flower trimming machine can increase efficiency as it can quickly trim or remove flowers. For those seeking a faster or more efficient way, investing in a leaf trimming machine is probably their best option.

We understand that, when it comes to brands, everybody has their favorite. At Healthy Harvest, we provide our customers with a wide and diverse range of options to choose from. From Twister Trimmers to Centurion Pro Trimmers, you can find the brand you desire at an affordable price. Don’t settle for slow, inefficient leaf removal processes. Invest in a leaf trimming machine today!

Growers have long dreaded harvest time because of the tedious labor involved in trimming and harvesting.  For many years growers used scissors to manicure their flowers and buds.  This process involved hours (if not days or weeks) of cutting leaves and drying and curing finished product.  Now instead of hiring a team, grow operations can use automatic bucking machines called buckers (or Debudder) to remove large fan leaves and buds from the plant and then run their product through the leaf trimmer saving on a huge amount of time and labor.  Many growers use conveyor systems that consist of a feed conveyor to load the machine and a QC (Quality Control) conveyor to inspect the finished product after being trimmed.  Trim savers are used to allow growers the chance to use their leaves to create additional product.

Growers will need to pick a leaf trimmer that fits their needs.  They come in all shapes and sizes from hand trimmers (think Bonsai Hero, EZ TRIM Wander Trimmer & Magic Trimmer, Bowl Trimmer & Trimpro Unplugged) to Mid Size Models (Trimpro Original, Trimpro Rotor with Workstation, Centurion Pro Tabletop and Twister T6 Table Top, EZ-Trim Satellite ) to larger industrial trimmers such as (Twister T4 & Keirton T2, Centurion Pro Mini, Silver Bullet, Original & Double Barrel Gladiator, Trim Pro Rotor, Automatik XL and more).  Many grower's will use trimming systems that include multiple trimmers run inline or tandem in an effort to increase production and efficiency.  "How many pounds can this machine trim per hour?" or "will a tumble trimmer destroy the quality of my bud" are questions we get frequently.  Once the buds are run through the machine many growers will use an EZTRIM bud sorter, curing cabinet, drying rack, rosin press or BHO extraction machine.  What used to be garbage (called trim) is now used and blown into extract in the form of wax, shatter or oil.  These trimming machines are popular among growers growing hops, cannabis, mmj and medical marijuana.  All of the trimmers we sell come with full factory warranty.  Tumble trimmers are generally around a 2% return rate while Twister and CPRO are roughly in the .5% range.  We sell both dry and wet tumblers and all accessories including clear cut lubricant, fan silencers and more.